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  1. Alwhite00

    Ever have one of those days...

    One? I've had multiple of "those days" lol
  2. Alwhite00

    What’d you work on today?

    Is that all new pieces? I've always been curious how they fit, looks great
  3. Alwhite00

    Graceland to be auctioned.

    Maybe they could do a reverse mortgage....
  4. Alwhite00

    What do you think of this car?

    My buddy had a very nice Rambler. 383 chevy/5 speed / 9" with a TCI front IFS and a 4 link rear.
  5. Alwhite00

    Anyone know where I might find these lug nuts?

    Thin wall socket?
  6. Alwhite00

    On The Road Again... California 2024

    You have any pictures of this rig?
  7. Alwhite00

    One for Molly.

    Looks like a crab tattoo just above the pink parts, be careful.
  8. Alwhite00

    Billy Squire

    Always liked BS
  9. Alwhite00

    Must be bidenomics

    No insurance is fine until someone slips & falls and sues your ass. It’s a tough pill to swallow but it’s one of those things that you hope you never need but if you do you are glad you have it.
  10. Alwhite00

    Enjoy the humor.

    I remember when I was 18 my buddy got hammered on MD. I dropped him off at home and he went in his room and started undressing to go to bed. The light came on and his dad says what in the hell are you doing? He was in his parents room. He finally got to his room, laid down and didn't feel...
  11. Alwhite00

    Huge TV's are becoming affordable

    I bought a 70" for $500. Why are TV'S the ONLY thing that got cheaper post Covid?
  12. Alwhite00

    Bending your own brake lines

    My buddy has a hyd flaring tool and it will absolutely flare anything he puts in it. Amazing tool.
  13. Alwhite00

    EV Charging Station

    We have like 9 Tesla chargers at meijer over a year ago and I have seen exactly ONE vehicle charging there.
  14. Alwhite00

    I lolled at this one! "New Corvair"

    It looks better than that camaro/chevelle morphadite.
  15. Alwhite00

    1.25" OD .065" wall aluminum or SS tube that I can bend 90º without wrinkles or cracks?

    In stainless? I tried bending some 2" SS in a muffler pipe bender and it destroyed it. Must have been the wrong grade or something.
  16. Alwhite00

    What’d you buy?

    Regarding that morphadite Harley thing. If (a big if) all of them run that has to be some sort of record for consecutive running harleys.
  17. Alwhite00

    What’d you buy?

    Maybe someday he can get rid of the training wheels. 😁
  18. Alwhite00

    Lesson here is, Don't squat on my land

    More of that "sovereign citizen " bullshit. Those people are bat shit crazy.
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