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  1. 12stones

    I guess that sometimes truckers just have to haul whatever they can to pay the bills:

    It must be a "thing" now. US HWY 61 South in Missouri.
  2. 12stones

    Enjoy the humor.

    That's an awesome collection !
  3. 12stones

    Flash Lights

    IMHO the 2K is an outdoor light only. Even though you can turn it down, it's still too blindingly strong to use inside. I can't imagine 12 or 18K.
  4. 12stones

    Karma anyone? OceanGate sub CEO wanted diversity hires. No “old white guys.”

    https://news.yahoo.com/rescuers-last-desperate-push-final-040243936.html Implosion likely.
  5. 12stones

    How about some Van Halen??

    IMHO, Eddie is one of the greatest guitar masters ever! I love the sounds of his guitar! I even named my little Havanese after him. Anglehearts Eddie VH of Eruption Panama That's his official AKC name. Eddie is a good boy!
  6. 12stones

    Valvoline VR1 on Sale @ Amazon

    Thanks for posting this! I just ran out, from the last time it was on sale.
  7. 12stones

    Umm….. AI sounds problematic

    My opinion of AI is that it will become the beast of Revalation. The anti christ will control it and the world. It is learning and growing each day. It's creators are worried that we will lose control of it. I'm certain that we will. I hope I'm wrong.
  8. 12stones

    Wanna own a “Boss” 69 Chevelle?

    It will be interesting to see what it brings.
  9. 12stones

    Building Our Barndominium

    That would be better than using a jack, and stands like I do now.
  10. 12stones

    Building Our Barndominium

    With a 8'3" garage ceiling. I don't see that happening. I would love a 30 x 50 metal shop building in the back yard, but I would hate to kill the view. With a nice shop, a lift would be a must have. One of the secrets of life is to enjoy what you do have and be thankful to the Lord above for all...
  11. 12stones

    Building Our Barndominium

    Ditto! Editing mistake. Will try again.
  12. 12stones

    Gas Prices

    $2.89 in Hannibal MO.
  13. 12stones

    RIP Barbara

    Dean and his family have been in my prayers also.
  14. 12stones

    Wonder how many other places this is advertised

    Obviously a scam of some kind. I'm sure the scammer had nothing to do with the build, but whoever did should of at least put the correct grill on it. That silver vertical strip screams clone.
  15. 12stones

    Great deal on AR type rifle - 7.62 x 39

    I'm with you, only 7.62 x 51 in my house! I'm an old cold war vet and won't have anything to do with anything sino- soviet. Besides the commy connection, the ballistics suck.
  16. 12stones

    72 Cheyenne

    Awesome truck! Love the color combo, screams early 70's!
  17. 12stones

    Automotive TV shows, magazines, YouTube channels… what are you into?

    I like watching Garage Squad and Iron Resurrection. Both are good entertainment about a cars story. Neither are instructional. I really like Full Custom Garage. Ian does some great fabrication work and is an artist.
  18. 12stones

    Merry Christmas to all!

    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!
  19. 12stones

    70 SS vert for sale

    That may be true most of the time, but this is a 70 convertible. At 20K even doing it right, someone could make money on it.
  20. 12stones

    70 SS vert for sale

    It will probably end up at Barrett Jackson as an original engine LS6 within a year.
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