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  1. Nashville Cat

    What’d you work on today?

    The deck stairs are done. What a relief !
  2. Nashville Cat

    Minnesota teen gets 8 x 10 bull elk...

    They say elk meat is tasty and good for you and that sucker was 950 pounds !
  3. Nashville Cat

    Roadworthy Rescues on Motortrend TV

    You should check it out; it's interesting and funny. This is Derek's 2nd show; the first was "Vice Grip Garage" which Jonathan (Chevelle Nut) recommended to me. The show is filmed in my backyard (about 100 miles away) near Cookeville TN because he used a muffler shop in Cookeville for his last...
  4. Nashville Cat

    Enjoy the humor.

    The black guys expression is priceless ....
  5. Nashville Cat

    Oil Filter Prices

    Sorry the PF35 was replaced by PF1218
  6. Nashville Cat

    '69 Malibu 4-Door Project

    If they are missing, ss396.com has them (flex hose brackets) https://www.ss396.com/category/elcamino-flexhosehardware.html I think these will work ? https://www.ss396.com/el-camino/FHB-04.html?Category_Code=elcamino-flexhosehardware
  7. Nashville Cat

    Oil Filter Prices

    BBC's still have a nice cheap filter. This replaced the longer PF30 ; it has the same filtering area inside and it's only $5.35 : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000C9TV90?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details
  8. Nashville Cat

    What’d you buy?

    Called OPGI again about my 67 Chevelle 3 spoke dark mahogany steering wheel. It's been on order since August 2022 ! It's made by Grant and it's real wood, not fake plastic. The guy at OPGI said they had several containers coming from Taiwan soon and he was hoping these wheels would be...
  9. Nashville Cat

    Brooks Robinson

    I watched him as a kid. He was an incredible 3rd baseman. He made many diving catches and he would leap up and throw the guy out.
  10. Nashville Cat

    The Man From Uncle.

    He was awesome as "Ducky" (Dr Mallard) on NCIS. He may have been 90, but he didn't look it. Sad we won't be seeing him on NCIS anymore.
  11. Nashville Cat

    What’d you work on today?

    The stairs on my deck have needed replacing for a long time. They are very long (15 steps) and the 2 X 12 stringers are full of cracks to the point it's becoming dangerous. Thank the Lord for info on the internet ! This website did the calculations for me on laying out how to cut the stringers...
  12. Nashville Cat

    iPhone Frustrations

    The facetime feature is priceless if you have grandkids.
  13. Nashville Cat

    What's the true Value of this '67 Chevelle SS L78 Car? Is it even real?

    The stuff I would want to know : is the rear end and trans original ? I don't think they will let you sand on the axle housing :) And I doubt you can put it on a lift to look at the trans.
  14. Nashville Cat

    What's the true Value of this '67 Chevelle SS L78 Car? Is it even real?

    Comparing these two stamps , I don't see anything suspicious. I see it does match the VIN !
  15. Nashville Cat

    What's the true Value of this '67 Chevelle SS L78 Car? Is it even real?

    Your friend is saying the engine block has the correct "EG" stamp on the pad ? I'm skeptical because the pulleys are gone, intake is gone, distributor, etc. I wonder if the trans and rear are matching ?
  16. Nashville Cat

    Feeling older than dirt today.....

    Ha ! I got you beat by one year. :)
  17. Nashville Cat


    My Mom passed 2 years ago. We used to watch Gunsmoke all the time. :)
  18. Nashville Cat

    Flat Tappet failures solved ?

    This is a pushrod engine ? I thought it was overhead valve ?
  19. Nashville Cat

    Enjoy the humor.

  20. Nashville Cat

    Flat Tappet failures solved ?

    I think I underestimated how important ZDDP is to cam-lifter contact. It really does form a hard diamond-like film on both surfaces (see above article). Rollers don't need this level of protection.
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