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60's, 70'sHi Po Parts


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Aug 18, 2010
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I have a friend going through a divorce and is contemplating selling some things he has had since the late 70s and early 80s.

He has a Turbo 400 that was last run in the early 80s
A Turbo 350
A Hilbourne (spell check) fuel injection for a small block.
He has a 350 roller motor built in the early 80s.
He has more but these are specific things he asked me about for value. I have no pics yet but should have in a few weeks when his head clears from the divorce.


Apr 29, 2022
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On the Turbo 400 it not being used for 35-40 yrs. would make it a core.However on that trans there is a tag on the back side of the trans that will tell you what kind of car it was used in.Some of these were specific to some valuable cars and although most were just used on run of the mill grocery getter cars,there were some transmissions used behind HiPo mills that were built up better than the normal T400 out there.
So a picture of that tag would bring the value of the turbo 400 core up above what a normal one would go for but only if it were one of the better trans built.
IDK if any of the trurbo 350's used on any of the HiPerformance SBC's so that value would depend on whether or not it was a performance rebuilt unit.
Again on the Roller 350 if it was 3970010 block or one of the early motors before they started making the blocks lighter plus whatever specific parts that was used on the build would make it easier to put a value on it.Plus is it a full roller motor ? a long block or short block ? More specific info would make it easier to evaluate the things he has for sale.
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