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71350SS John


Jun 26, 2019
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Tallahassee, FL.
Very good. It always seems that way when the hits keep rolling in. Makes me wish some of us were closer as I would have knocked out the brakes for them. My daughters first brake job on her new SUV was a few weeks ago. Dealer wanted about the same $900. We did it with all new pads and rotors for $240 in parts.

Glad he liked it and hopes he makes it over here. I want to thank you all for the donations already sent. Ya'll are awesome !


Feb 2, 2020
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Here is John's thank you note. I hope that he joins us here.
View attachment 4512

The young girl's name was Johnna and she said the owner (Nick) doesn't usually do single plant deliveries, but when I explained the story to Johnna, she was explaining it to Nick (owner) and that we are a car club and we wanted to send it to him because his wife just died, and I heard the owner (Nick) tell her, "Of course we'll deliver it, and tell him it'll be delivered today". Little did I know that it must have struck a cord with the gentleman (Nick) , but it was delivered within 30 minutes and Johnna called me back to tell me she delivered it personally and handed it to him.

Very nice people and I have nothing but nice things to say about them for going out of their way.


Apr 29, 2022
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Hello to all of my fellow Chevelle/ElCamino's friends.I'd like to thank everyone who answered and especially Alan Cheveslakr and KMakar.I'm not forgeting you cage2592 !
Thank You all so much !!! You have no idea of how much you people mean to me and especially your gesture of kindness.I was shocked by the plant but in retrospect I should have expected it knowing what a class act that everyone here embodies.My Daughter loves it though.
I'm glad that the plant you sent was from Charlie's Nursery as that's where I buy my tomato and other plants from every spring. They are a Mom and Pop type store but they aren't that small of a small store just good people to deal with with maybe 8 employees so its easy to see people there that you know by sight.
Someone had asked my wife's name,Her name is Joan. I had included it on the TC post but not in the title.I'm including Her obituary if anyone wants to read it.I loved Her dearly and we were together almost 50 years.As it turned out because of the Easter weekend the wake was on our 44th anniverary.I kept thinking that she had found a way to spend it together one last time.I also have some favorite photo's I'll add later on I'm a little PO'd as I had some pics from our trips to Englishtown circa 78-81 that I can't find.

I just want to add that I added a +454 on my username as the plans have been for a while to add a big block,however life keeps me spending what I saved on other things.I know you understand that.The phone calls from my relatives have slowed down so I now have the time to sign up. John


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Dec 30, 2006
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Glad you're here John! Thanx for adding Joan's name to your post, I would have asked also. not always easy or comfortable to share your story, but certainly helps when you know you're amongst friends.
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