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I thought they are doing poorly recently (relatively) and started to have sales on their theme park tickets. Seems like an odd time to raise prices.
Did I see it right that Disney bought Comcast? Comcast owns NBC! I hate Comcast as it costs way too much$$! Anyone else have Comcast cable, etc? I pay over $300 a month for internet, cable tv, and phone. If I had a smart tv I’d seriously consider just buying whatever service I wanted if it would save money! Just not sure if it’d be worth the hassle.
We have Frontier Internet 5G, land line phone (bus. reasons) Fios basic cable TV package for $250ish a month and I think that's High
We have TMobile 5g home internet, no cable since 2010, and we pay $35 a month (military discount called military magenta plan). We also pay for Friendly TV for Lisa ( I don't watch TV) at a cost of $10 a month. We do pay for Netflix for my Mom though.
Disney’s losing streak continues.

I got curious because they have a new animated movie coming out called “Wish.” If you guessed it’d be about a young brown girl bravely fighting against the tyranny of an older man, you’d be right.
NY Post gave it a pretty shitty review.

“The vacuous intellectual-property parade gets by on making ample references to other, better Disney films such as “Mary Poppins” and “Peter Pan,” the reason being that it’s a nostalgia trip for the studio’s 100th anniversary.

Well, as far as birthday celebrations go, “Wish” is about as special as throwing your “I’m a century old!” bash at a rest-stop Arby’s”
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We have 1 cable company & 1 landline phone company to choose from.
My cable company has phone internet & internet TV for $250/month.
Or we could have antenna TV with 4 networks & about 10 PBS channels but I don't think that would fly.😘
"For shareholders, it may seem counterintuitive that corporate executives would trade off profits for political or social agendas. However, it does serve as a rationale for individual corporate executives who are professionally advanced when they champion such causes," Turley wrote.

And there you have it in a nutshell.
Yup, rich, powerful executive feels like the invested money of little people is his to virtue signal with despite knowing that it hurts the value of their stock. Should be considered malpractice.
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