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Support Request for a Forum Member


Bob (Leadhead) posted yesterday in 'Around The Campfire' section to share a personal issue he and his family have, and are, going through since Christmas.

Please read if you have a chance.

Bob also posted the Go Fund Me page.

Though that is a primary and direct option, our Old Chevelles Family are trying to do everything we can to support them in raising money to meet the medical financial burdens.

Many of you already know that we have a PayPal account and we are currently accepting donations on this site as another option.

PLEASE, do not hold this to just our Members. Share this information with anyone you think would be interested in donating.

Donations are made to PayPal account: cage2592@gmail.com

I request that you add a note in the PayPal note section with your SCREEN NAME when sending donations. This will allow better tracking and ensuring I'm associating the correct real name and site names.

PLEASE use the 'Friends and Family' option as to NOT incur fees.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A PAYPAL ACCT and want to support,
notify myself either on this thread or IM and I will send you an 'Invoice' from PayPal for the amount you want me to request.

AS ALWAYS, Site Members, can request at any time a 'Status of Funds' current total amount via a PM to me OR a Board Member (receipts and expenditures), MINUS member names and contribution amounts (except their own).

There is NO time frame for this and we can continue to collect as people continue to give.

Please feel free to ask Jon, Kevin or Myself any questions.
Thank you all SO MUCH! You guys are the real deal! It's very humbling. You all have never even met me, but yet you pour your hearts out like this for my daughter in her time of need. You guys truly are FAMILY. All I can say is GOD BLESS each and every one you!

Bob, we're all human and the people here are as real as it gets. We all have our own personalities and view things differently, but when it comes to kids, we all need to help.

I wanted to remind our family here that raising money is still going on. We are collecting here and the family is collecting on their Go Fund Me mentioned above .

Thank you all that have and are still contributing.
Thanks so much man!
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