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Stack Plate Trans Cooler


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I pulled a cooler off a early to mid 2000’s Trail Blazer at a JY a few yrs ago and now after adding VA I’m relocating the cooler but can’t remember if it was tight against the ac condenser or if there was an air gap, anyone have a Chevy with Tow Package that can take a look at theirs to confirm either way it goes? TIA, Rick


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Putting it here with a small gap between ac cond, this is being plumbed for return line after going through rad


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I think I’ll paint it Black, GC I worked for remodeling TexMex restaurants use to say “ Paint it Black it’ll Disappear” lol, not done yet


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I’m going with this after I make a bracket that’ll bolt to the bottom round holes in the bumper then the Trail Blazer bracket can bolt to it, I’m using MC ISO mounts, here’s a pic from the front, still need to tidy up some things wire wise and use the metal/rubber clamps to strap the hoses down


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I’ll take a pic of the mid 60’s Dodge Dart GT with a turbo at the end of my storage bldg, be right back I think maybe it’s an oil cooler


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I’ve read a lot of different ways of doing it, some say bypass the rad anyway
Most trans gurus say through rad first & aux. cooler. Theory being if you are beating on it oil coming out of TC is really hot & water to oil is going to take the bulk of the heat out faster, then let the oil to air do the rest.
I painted it black, made a mount from extruded alum angle, getting ready to check for leaks then put clamps on the hoses


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