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Any alternator experts in here? Thinking of a swap


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Malibu has a stock style 10dn alternator that was externally regulated. My problem is that the AAW classic update wire harness I’m installing does not support externally regulated alternators.

My 72 C10 is supposed to have an 10dn alternator but as far as I know my Dad swapped it for something else. He seemed to recall that it might have been a stock looking but thought it was a single wire set up. I’m not so sure that it is.

Ideally I like to simply swap alternators. I’m fine with the C10 being externally regulated and I do not want a single wire set up.

Can anyone identify this alternator by these terrible cell phone pics?

I’m thinking it’s a 10Si.

You can see that the electrical connector is clocked 90 degrees with respect to the mounting tabs and is located on the side of the case instead of the back like it would be on a 10dn. There’s a butt connector on the wire harness so it looks like the electrical connector was swapped.
My Malibus 10dn has a very rusty battery lug on the back. I’m thinking I might get a rebuild kit for it.
Update. Actually the truck might also have a 10dn not an 10si. I thought all 10dn radiators had the rear terminals but looking on Rockauto the 72 C10 10dn has the side terminals.

As an aside one of the reason I was highly suspect that the truck had a later model single wire alternator is because the ammeter doesn’t work and I was told that they don’t work with single wire setups.
Your AAW wire harness isn't for an ext reg alt? can you send it back for the ext reg? I have M&H and AAW harness's under my Chevelle hood but don't remember which is lighting and which is engine but both are well made USA, I'm not very happy with a Painless (PITA) Harley wire harness
Neither the C10 or the Malibu have a single wire alternator. A single wire alternator is just that, a single wire to the rear post is all.

As far as the ammeter setup in the C10, if the wiring was changed for a later model alternator, in theory it should still work unless it was blown at some point. That aside, if the ammeter is still functional, it can be made to work with a single wire setup, but would require a change in the wiring going to the ammeter.
No those are not single wire. That's a standard square GM 10 DN connector. There is a way to convert and switch them over with some rewiring.

If you are wanting to convert to a one wire read the below.

If you already have the upgraded one wire 10DN Alternator and are trying to keep the stock DN plug: 1) Power wire from the Power Terminal lug (back of Alt) goes to the battery. 2) One DN Plug wire goes to the key switch. 3) The Voltage Sense wire NOW goes down to the Power Terminal lug (back of Alt).
Good reading :)

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