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Prayers needed for the Bennett & Dowling Families


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My wife has an extended family on her Mother’s side (the Bennett family of Blackshear, Georgia). They are wonderful people comprised of a large & loving family, my wife Judy’s Mom was 1 of 4 sisters and 4 brothers. So, there are many cousins as a result, some which we have sadly lost already. We received word this past Sunday from one of Judy’s cousins that the 11 year old granddaughter of her cousin Eddie & his wife Diane was killed last Saturday due to an accident on an ATV on her property in the country. She was so good at many things and knew how to hunt with her Grandpa Eddie so she also knew how to drive the ATV. It was a freak accident and the entire family is devestated obviously. Please keep Caroline Bennett Dowling and her family in your prayers, as they will truly be welcome! The funeral services will be tomorrow Wed. May 22nd.

Thank you,

So sorry for you family's loss John, but what makes it even more devastating it was a little one.

Lisa and I will add your family to our daily prayers.
We'll be praying for your family John. And healing hearts.

Some things we never think about. Our six Grandkids all ride ATV and gokarts here in the country very frequently. You think because they take safety precautions or have done it their entire life that everything will be fine.
So sorry to hear about this. How devastating. It’s terrible to lose anyone before their time, but a child is too much.
We used to ride old school 3 wheelers on the farm and had some close calls.

I hope your family finds strength to get through this.
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