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Memorial Day

I remember putting out these flags as a kid, the vets had bronze metal holders each shaped differently for Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam, and the flag slid into it. My dad would take us to do it.
On Memorial Day, we went to the nearby small town where he was from for a parade and a service in the cemetary, and the best part, off to the Legion post for lunch! I was allowed to have unlimited soda, and sat listening to war stores all afternoon. This was in the '65-'75 timeframe, and the Legion was just starting to get Vietman vets. I used to think it was strange that they listened like I did, but never told stories of their own...

You better believe I made sure my dad got one of these... I stuck it in myself on one of the coldest January days that I can remember. My wife was waiting in the car, and asked my why it took so long, I had no way to explain to her that it was a spring day compared to what these guys felt at the Chosin Reservoir...I don't know if the cemetary still does flags on Memorual Day, I'm 1,500 miles away and will probably never return to that town.

My Dad served in Korea as well and at his burial was given honors by the Navy and Army. He has a military marker at the foot of his grave and his headstone at his head and has flags placed at his grave every holiday. I'm 1,300 miles from where he's buried, but I sincerely appreciate those who honor my Dad by placing the flags.
My dad had the flag ceremony at the cemetery chapel, the Legion post that he belongd to for 55 years had 7 guys fire 3 rounds each from the M1's that are part of their armory, and one of the members played Taps on an actual bugle, not a trumpet as is so often done. They folded the flag, and just before the last fold the Legion post commander dropped in 3 shell casings one at a time, saying "duty, honor, country" There were two active duty military members that did the flag folding in class A uniforms, one was a warrant office in his thirties, the other was a female major with caduceus on her lapels (doctor) When she handed me the folded flag and saluted me, I noticed a bronze star with a combat V, and purple heart with a oak leaf on it, for the second award. I've always wondered what a Dr was doing to get into that kind of shit.
If my house flooded, these are the first two things that I'd grab...

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