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We on vacation to Aruba in 2018.
Stayed a week at the Riu (Palace Antillas) Aruba all inclusive hotel resort. Went with another couple. Best time ever.
___________________________ ^^Correction ^^
Wife booked a trip to Cancun but, a month before we were to leave, they had a shoot out on the beach next to the hotel we were supposed to be staying at.
US gov. put a travel advisory out.:eek: So we went here instead.

This was our room.(y)
And THIS was our view. :love:
This was sun set.
This was 7:00 AM
Drank a shit ton of these. As many as you wanted they would bring them.
I want to go back.
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I much prefer all the islands From Florida all the way down to Trinidad. Cant go wrong in either area though. Im sure we all wish we were there now !
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