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Now I got new parts for this project. I set of new china aluminum heads and a new S/V I picked up for $500 from some kid on offer up. Those crappy heads went 280 on the flow bench @ .700 lift If I can get the machinist off his ass this engine would have been done by now.
Well this engine didn't happen this year mostly due to machinist greed. Around here they want almost 1K to bore, hone and deck a block with cleaning now, and I ain't spending that kind of dough to buy their kids a new Schwinn.
Too bad the machine work is so expensive. Been many years since I had machine work done but that sounds really expensive.

Was the original plan to use the vortec heads? The Chinese aluminum heads flow better? Flat tappet cam or roller?
To hone my block with a torque plate only cost $266. But I had to wait 12 weeks !
I would have tipped him $150 to do it in 2 weeks !
To torque plate hone, square the block, align the main tunnel, camphor the oil passages, file fit the Total Seal rings and install the Lewis Int bal assembly, degree the cam I installed and check my head,cam & lifter installation for end play ( I put the heads on and cam & lifters in then measured for PR’s) then install the intake was $1,500 in 2020 and I traded work for the $500 dyno session
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