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Anyone dismount, mount and balance your own tires?


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Just considering it because it’s a little pricey to have the tire shops do it. I’d like to powder coat the tires on my C10 and the tires are pretty new, Chevelle too. So it’s not an insignificant expense. Thought of buying a used manual tires changer and bubble type balancer off CL or HF.

Just spitballing. Is it doable without wreck the finish on the rims? I know there are mods available for the HF tool.
I have a need for both pieces of equipment, but like most stuff that you need on a very limited basis it has to math out. My brother was offered both and they were Coates, and he grabbed them for no cost. I had my eye on them but just don't have the space and didn't bite. He sold them for around $4k combined which is half price of new. A bubble balancer is alright, but a modern mounting machine is a must if you're going to work modern wheels.
I have a Chinese "Mayflower" tire machine and a used Snap On balancer. If I was doing this every day I'd want better equipment, but this works well for my needs.

There's a lot of old tire machines on the market for cheap because they don't do low-profile tires. If you doing old 14s, 15s, 16s they'll work great.
You can find machines for sale relatively cheap. If you get a machine that rotates the wheel while you remove the tire, they make plastic protectors for the 'tool' that separates the two.
Search OfferUp and Craigslist in your area to see what you can find.

Most of the machines in these next links are local pickup only, but since I don't know where you live, one of them may be close to you (you have to scroll down a bit to get to
the actual machines):

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