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Bending your own brake lines


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I need to make up a few new lines because I got a new prop valve that mounts a bit differently than prior. Also I want the lines to looks a bit better.
Anyone try the nickel copper lines? People say it’s the only way to go if bending your own lines.
Can you straighten the tubing (tubing comes coiled up) without buying a new tool?
Do they bend, cut and flare that much easier than steel?

I thought about a kit like this. Comes with bender and a length of 3/16 and 1/4 inch which I think will include everything I need.

I don't know about the line but I have a flaring tool similar to that & it's POS. It might do OK on softer tubing, never tried though.
All the cheap ones are that style and I’m guessing most are made at the same Chinese factory. I had one many years ago that got the job done on steel lines but you gotta crank those bolts tight on the thing that holds the line otherwise when you push the die in, it just slips.
Exactly, same problem. Clamping is key and that's why a quality flaring tool is necessary. I have this same tool and used it a few times, but cuss it every time. IIRC, I priced a good kit and it was around $150ish.
Nickel Copper alloy lines are awesome. They pretty much take whatever shape your heart desires... super easy to bend without kinking and easy to straighten as well.
I have 1 similar but made in USA , I’d have to look at brand in the AM to be 100% sure but believe it’s Yellow Jacket, Oh wait that is a Dbl Flare I’m not sure YJ makes one
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