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The Squatter thread


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Since squatters are in the news a lot, please post any interesting articles you find.

I honestly can’t see how this has become the issue that it has. You either have a lease or other printed agreement or you don’t. If you don’t, hit the bricks.

How would it be any different if a person rented a hotel room for a night and refused to leave, saying they are a tenant? At least on that case the person was entitled to be there at some point. With many squatters, they simply broke in and had no right to ever be there.

How is it any different than walking out of a Target store with a TV and claiming you bought the TV but you just don’t have a receipt. Why is squatting a civil thing but a TV is a criminal thing?
Laws favor criminals is the short answer I guess.
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The guy in the video nailed it. Go into the house when the squatters are out and change the locks.
I would also take a shotgun with me.
When the cops show up, simply say "I have a lease."
Then they have to treat you like a squatter.
There is a commercially available anti-theft burglar alarm powder that should be useful here.
It is a harmless powder, not MACE or Pepper Spray.
Spray it in from a window or other available opening.
It WILL force the vermin out.
Video their exit, to prove they left.
THEN change the locks and retake possession.
You will need to vacuum up the powder from every room, a small chore to get a house back.

A friend in rural CO got invaded by squatters, LE was useless.
One of them got cut when they broke in, then had the nerve to sue for the injury.
Eventually a few of his pals got together and removed the squats while he was in a public place so was clearly not involved.
No bones were broken but the squats never came back.
That does bring up a thought.
If you are in Kali or some other blue hell and squats move in can you alert the PD or ATF that the takeover amounts to an illegal firearms transfer?
You did have a shotgun in the closet before they moved in, didn't you?
What, it cannot be found now, guess they sold it to their crack dealer!
I think a good thing that we have at our home is a black lab/cane Corso mix that bites, he’s getting old though but with 4 other Furry Kids yelling Get The Fuck Out Or Else might stop Squatters?

Bronx illegals with guns, selling drugs, squatting and terrorizing neighbors released without bail. Thats like 3-4 felonies including thumbing their noses at NYC gun laws.
There might not be a single MFing thing you can do in NYC to get in any real trouble.
NY politician introduces bill that would allow police to immediately evict a squatter if the true homeowner can prove they own the property. Seems like common sense to me. Article says it’s style after a DeSantis Florida law. Makes sense to me.

Forgot where I heard it but I believe it major lefty news outlets were suggesting that the epidemic of squatters or squatter stories were “a vast right wing” media conspiracy to besmirch the democrats ahead of the election. 🙄

Why not move into a Judge's home while they are at work ??
Just to make a point ?
We should do this one week before early voting starts.
Then if we get removed easily, it would prove a double standard exists.
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