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Cpl Laptops


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We were cleaning out a filing cab to make room for a new dishwasher and ran across these laptops, both 17” and 1 is an Acer that looking at it looks new but I dont remember what happened to it its a 2014, the other is a HP with F’d up hinges but are these worth fixing?


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I've got that same hp, and it's got fucked up hinges too. I dropped it on the second day and had have a new screen installed....thing was jinxed.
The Acer might be worth something.
I would wipe personal info off them and give them to someone in need ?
Or try to trade them for some car parts ?
Older laptops can't run newer OS's, not because they are junk but OSs don't support them. Oh, Windows 10 will load but most likely the video driver will be default. Try loading an eval OS and see what it does.
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