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Exhaust manifold bolts


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Going back to stock manifolds on the Malibu. What kinda bolts do you like? I’ve seen 3/8-16 x 2-1/4 inch mentioned as the correct size. I’m thinking stainless because I guess these don’t have a ton of torque on them and I don’t want rusty bolts.

Whatever bolts you use I think Anti Seize would be a good idea, I'm not too sure I'd use SS bolts in exh manifolds but grade 8 would be a good choice I think, I'd also use lock washers with the ridges all around the inside or outside can't think what they're called at the moment, I just used 2 yesterday lol Some cars needed studs at the front to mount Accs. so you might want to see how your Alt, power steering pump etc bolt on
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I like stock stuff when you can, and have no problem with a bit of patina discoloring under the hood. Chevy sprayed their engines with the intake and exhaust manifolds in place, so a good bit of orange on the upper exhaust manifolds including the bolts would be accurate.
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