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My oldest in Ky had about a dozen chickens that she’s had since baby chicks and a rooster, they made what they thought was a safe sleeping area in a horse stall using 8’ tall fencing, something got in and killed all of them last night but didn’t eat them, wonder what would do that?
Hey Rick, I don't know if this is the case with your daughter, but I read somewhere that a fox will only eat one or two, but kill the whole flock because he's afraid they won't be there the next day when he's hungry again. Don't know if there's any truth to that....
Kathy thinks either Racoons or an Owl living in the barn, that makes sense an Owl killing chickens but I still think it would eat but maybe not? I think the chickens were about 3 or 4 months old
We sent them a cpl $20 light bulb cams with motion sensing and bright led light that alerts your phone when something makes the motion sender go off, they’re going to mount them in the barn, I’m betting on an Owl or two living in there
Possums eat mice & rats so I was always ok with them, 10+ yrs ago I cut a 5 gal bucket down to around 4” tall then put the Kevlar clutches out of my Shovelhead in it and poured trans fluid over them, a day or so later found what I thought was small rats laying on the floor with bloody heads but it was 3 dead baby possums that drank the trans fluid, those Trans are really Fucked up putting out fluids that kill things 😁
A buddy in hi school hunted coons for bounty. Seemed like 1 of 3 homes raised chickens so he got paid well. There are questions to be answered here, like are chicken heads that tasty to pass right on to the next head instead of a drumstick? ......or maybe just a curious coon that had to see what they looked like running around??
They made those chickens kids pets, I wish they’d never done that as chicken are what I consider Food, but not for Coons for people lol
In the late 70’s a guy I knew got out of the Air Force and was based at McDill across the bay from me, he stayed with me and my Gfriend for about a week before going back to Indy and said his job was working with dogs and asked if I wanted a really good German Shepard that was a little old for the AF needs ( I think 4?) so I said sure, so we drove over to McDill and he got the dog and we went back to my place, all was great till he left for Indy and then the dog wanted to bite everyone that got near him, Terry had him tied to a tree when he left, it took me 3-4 days to get that dog that already knew me to get him off chain, anyway I use to walk him to my dads place and dad had chickens, one day while I was at work the dog got out and went to my dads and killed his chickens then animal control took the dog and wouldn’t give him back
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