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Decode help pls

I don't see any rivets holding that cowl tag ?

Rivets are there, and the link provided is something to have bookmarked as it's the ultimate source for decoding and production data.
71 2dr Hardtop, V8 Malibu (or SS) trim level
Built in Oshawa
Black bucket seats
Classic Copper with white vinyl top
4th week of January build date.

Being an Oshawa car, you can request documentation from GM of Canada. Records do exist for Canadian cars.
That's awesome thanks for the info except I'm a little confused about something you said that documents can be requested from G on Canada but then he said documents do not exist for Canadian cars

I found this beauty inside of a dead hoarders garage under about six feet of boxes piled around it on top of it ,the guy that bought the house to flip had no idea the car was even there , its been parked there on jack stands since 1982!!
It was parked with brand new Mickey Thompson's on it that I could swear it was put on last week they're still sticky and not even a weather crack.
Looks like Mr dead hoarder used to drag it quite a bit though, high-rise intake a big Holly on it traction bars and removed manual gear box and put in some sort a slap shift automatic
the condition of this car underneath is incredible frame is still Factory black in most places and it seems a litre of oil was spilledd in the trunk perfectly preserving it as well .
I mean now the 454 seems to be dry seized which leads me to my next question what's the best way to unsieze a dry sized engine.? the diesel away?


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Nice find ! :)
If I was trying to free up that engine without hurting it , I would pull the spark plugs and spray PB Blaster around each piston.
Gently try to turn it over at the crank bolt. Make sure the trans is in neutral. If it doesn't move at first, keep spraying for maybe 2 more days.
Then try again.
I would not use the starter to try and break it loose.
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