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Enjoy the humor.

Kevin do you remember a news anchor named Barbara Callahan? Her husband was a plastic surgeon and did a lot of dancers boob jobs, well he also did my 1st wife’s and she was also going to med school and ended up working for that dr, he got arrested for molesting women under anestishia
Seen a const. worker tear a nipple ring out working on scaffolding with his shirt off, Screamed
like a little girl, he was a fairly big guy 🤣😂 PS had a cpl GF with nipple rings and I couldn’t help myself fucking with the rings, guess I’d have to mess around with a nose ring too 😆😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Must have been like having a nickel in your mouth.🤔
Not haha….
She was asking for it. Zero respect for a dangerous animal and she finally annoyed him enough.

When I was 8-9 my dad took me to a neighbors property (Ohio) to fish in their large pond, they also had a few cows and a bull, the bull half assed chased me one day but I had enough sense to run, this stupid woman thinks she's talking to a Pet cow LOL
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