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Anyone have plans on ordering anything ? I just ordered this Crimson Trace laser for the Springfield Armory 9mm I recently bought, seemed like a pretty good deal


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I have a laser for my .40, but didn't like it getting in the way, so I took it off, but put a laser on Lisa's Glock 43x and she likes it (built in under the barrel).
I have one on my Glock 40 cal under barrel, seams out of the way like that, I bought Kathy a S&W .380 Body Guard that has a laser built into the frame, probably best way to have a laser sight, this Crimson sight also has a 400 lumen light and since I can’t see worth a darn at night maybe it’ll be of some value ?? Thieves are getting pretty brave around here, privacy fences with Beware of Bitting Dog, No Trespassing don’t mean shit anymore
If you need a cheap buffer here’s one:
View attachment 16487
HF. It’s not long throw or forced rotation but it’s very cheap. I think I paid closer to $60 on sale.
Bauer tools aren’t too bad for inexpensive power tools, I found a 20 volt hammer drill in the road so went to HF and bought a charger, pretty happy with it but just use it around the house but still a tuff drill
I try not to. Only guns leaving my house are going hunting. Fishing, now that's another story.
Funny you mention fishing, around 1990 an old friend was going through a divorce and asked me to buy his boat so he didn’t loose it in the D and buy it back later so I said OK But you have to take me out in the Gulf of Mexico and show me how to operate it and we’ll do some fishing so I bring my rod & reel for Redfish and other smaller type fish, he brings a rod about 3/4” thick with a reel the size of a Wheel Barrow wheel 😂 and I didn’t think anything of it lol, about an hour under the Sunshine Skyway bridge he gets a hit that starts circling the 16’ Trihull boat so we ended up taking turns pulling what we thought was a fairly large Stingray but found it was a Hammerhead Shark 2/3 the length of the boat, he tied the 160# SS leader to a Klee on the side of the boat, I said You’re NOT bringing that inside this boat!! so he started telling me he was going to get a rope around the tail and we’ll drag it backwards to drown it then cut it up into steaks, while he’s trying to talk me into this crap the shark got its strength back and made a big tug on the leader and broke free, I told my friend when he first caught that thing “you should’ve told me what you were going to fish for I’d of brought a gun along” 😆 he never did buy that boat back but I had some fun on it
First time I went deep sea fishing I went into the Gulf (my brother and I chartered a 40' boat with captain and crew) and we went about 50 miles out.

We were fishing for snapper and didn't realize when they hit they swim for the rocks. So after the captain explained this my brother and I got a little wiser to what was gong on. Next time I felt a hit I pulled the rod hard and snagged him, but the fight he gave trying to get down to the rocks almost pulled me over the side. The first mate and my brother were holding me in the boat while I struggled to reel it in. After 30 minutes I finally had it at the edge of the boat and the captain was shocked to see what I caught. It was a 42" red grouper that was about as fat as a basketball and took the captain and first mate to hook it and pull it into the boat. I was dead damn tired. When the captain fileted the grouper he got either 4 or 6 1" thick x 1.5' steaks out of it. A restaurant offered to buy it before it was cut up for $500, but we (our families) were having a get together that night and thought what a nice treat it'd be to have fresh grouper. That's the biggest fish I ever caught.
Got the Crimson Trace laser/light combo today, nice bright light for my crappy eyes and easy to use, I’ll have to go to the range to adjust it 👍👍🙂 I turned my outdoor lights off so all lighting is from the 400 lumen CT light


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