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California lawmaker wants to ban self check out.


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I guess stores see massive retail loss/theft because of these which makes sense. People are scumbags.

But why doesn’t Walmart make that decision? Since when do legislators care about Walmart’s losses? I thought retail theft was just poor brown people trying to feed their babies?

Im sure this is politicians trying to force retailers NOT to use technology in order to eliminate jobs that have gotten too expensive to staff because of ridiculous minimum wages and benefit costs.

“It would also make grocers and certain retailers assess the potential impact of using certain artifical intelligence or other technology that "significantly affects the essential job functions of its employees" or completely eliminates their jobs.”
Why the f are lawmakers sticking their nose in commerce anyway. Anti-monopoly laws and uniform discrimination laws that apply should be it.
I'm seeing more and more Ca. plates here in Fla than ever before, the Commie Demonrat way Does Not work and they're seeing it, just hope they don't vote for Dems here and Fuck things up here too!!
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