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What do you think of this car?

I don't know anything about them as far as parts finding.
Maybe down the line after I teach her to drive my car put a 4-speed but, I would maybe go a 327.
I think it`s a neat little car for a 17 YO girl.
I'd buy it for her and leave it as is. Great first car. My parents had a rambler wagon and the damn thing wouldn't die. Dad thought the transmission was dying so he gave it to a family friend. The family friend drove it another 120k miles without doing anything to it.
I agree.....this could be a great first car! Easy to learn and drive I’d assume. If no power steering just make sure your granddaughter can handle it easy enough. I have no clue re the value, but I suspect the bidders so far might be Rambler collectors.
I have seen a couple of 2dr AMC's on Facebook marketplace in the $3 K to 10K range but the only problem with that is you can't follow and find out what the final price ended up as. The other thing is that is in the NY-NJ-PA-CONN area car market's so the lower price is a direct result of the east coast rust.
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