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Chevelle project update

Here is why this is taking so long. Just got the temp sender for the electric fan but before I can install it and wire it up I have to replace the angled water neck with one that comes straight out because the upper hose goes right over the top of the boss I need to use. May need to also replace the hose given it’s molded. It took be a while to find this one since the stock one interfered with the belt for the Vintage Air compressor
Maybe, although routing the wire might be more difficult. I ordered a center inlet housing so it should work.

Meanwhile, the fuel sender I waited 4 days to get turned out to be bad so I'm going to go to Autozone tomorrow, which I should have done the first time.

I put a tester on the signal and ground and it was an open circuit through the entire range.

Got the new washer nozzles and hooked up the rest of the system. I had refinished the ones that came off but I have no idea where I put them.

Also got the kit for the vacuum lockout. Not sure if it's exactly what I need but I'll work it out.

Getting very close
Finally got the VSS wired up. What a pain. Had to pull the dash bezel. But it works. I ended up using the power feed for the radio since I don’t plan to put one in. I had already used it for something else so I doubled up. Should be ok I think.

Of course, there was a puddle of power steering fluid in the driveway after. 🤨
Installed andmwired in the thermostatic switch for the fan. It was just a matter of routing the ground from the relay through the switch. Pretty simple but I had to unwrap and rewrap part of the harness.
Got a pic of how you did your temp switch? I’ll post a pic of mine tomorrow when I’m at the car, been swamped at work
I thought about that solution but saved a couple bucks with the straight one 🙂.

I’ll try to get a pic. Busy weekend, got SCCA events both days. Our regional exec is out so I’m taking his place Since I’m the assistant RE. Most of the responsibility for running it falls on the event chair but I had to be the public face if needed. Today the local NBC channel showed up with a cameraman, so guess who got to break the camera with his ugly ass face? 😄
I think I finally got the brakes straightened out. Good pedal, stops pretty well. Felt confident enough to take it down the block at about half throttle. Shift is a little stiff, need to check the TV cable. The throttle link has a little eccentric that can be rotated slightly to give it a little more aggressive shift but I need to make sure That’s what it is.

Installed the fan switch. Fan worked great…….once. Got it up to temp, fan came on at 210, went off at 160. Let it sit for a while and got it up to temp again but the fan didn’t come back on. I can hear the relay clicking when I disconnect the thermal switch when the car is hot but the fan won’t come on. The motor was pretty hot so I think maybe it got cooked. I’ll try grounding the switch wire tomorrow and if that doesn’t do it try putting power directly to the fan.

All in all a good day, got a few things accomplished and drove it Some.
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