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What’d you work on today?

Would I need tall valve covers? This had a warmed over Lunati Voodoo can (can’t remember the lift but it’s a streetable cam) and stock ratio Comp cams roller rockers. I like the look of factory stamped steel valve covers.
I’d try the stock VC but don’t bolt them down just sit them in place spin the engine and watch if they lift or tick
Took out a 2010 3 ton Trane heat pump system that had a major Freon leak that wasn’t worth repairing, installed a 15.5 seer 3 ton Heat pump with 4 ton air handler, owner today owns a beautiful 66 Chevy II Nova 275hp 327 & PG, Butternut yellow & black bucket with headrest option & console and dealer installed GM under dash ac, it’s been repainted but a Ca rust free car and all original metal, next door neighbor has a 66 Vette and I think he’ll be calling soon for a new ac system, we’d probably get done faster if I didn’t BS about cars but Paul usually don’t mind, Oh speaking of Paul I told him last year he should get a 200-4r for his 63 Chevy II Nova vert with a 350 and soon a 302 and it’s in a shop getting a new Rack & Pinion front end removing shock towers so he just got a fresh well built 200-4r for $700 No Core needed


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